A note on terminology

Some of the terminology I use in connection with my mental health is what others might describe as ‘offensive’.

I sometimes refer to myself as mental, a mentalist, a nutter, crazy a lunatic and so and and so forth. I don’t use these phrases with the intention of offending, but in an attempt to make light of some of the horror that lives in my head. It’s really just a reflection of the fact that I try not to take things too seriously and that I have a somewhat bleak, self-deprecating sense of humour.

My view is that within sensible boundaries, I have every right to offend. It relates to the basic principle of freedom of speech – so long as what I say doesn’t trample all over the rights of other people I am adamant that I am entitled to say it regardless of what people think about it. I’m never rude to people, or about people on my blog and I’m pretty confident that referring to myself as a nutter doesn’t break any laws.

It’s my head, they’re my horrors and this is my blog. If it offends you, I am sad but I can’t apologise because it’s just the way I am. If the way I writes offends you then you are absolutely free not to read what I have to say.

Love WeeGee xx


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