Because God

Since last I wrote I have been trying not to get on my high horse. Not getting on my high horse seems to prove more difficult the older I get. I get older and increasingly grumpy and the whole rest of the world gets more and more irritating every single day. I’m supposing that there’s a chicken and egg thing going on here and I can’t figure out whether the biggest part of the problem lies with me becoming old(er) and more grumpy or with the whole rest of the world becoming more irritating…….

For the most part I try to ignore other people because other people are not conducive to my mental health. If only I could live in a bubble where someone decent is in charge and we’re all prepared to live our own lives and let others live theirs. Whatever your take on the world, I can’t imagine how that wouldn’t be appealing: you live your life how you want to live it safe in the knowledge that the people who want to live their lives differently are too busy living their lives the way they think they ought to give the slightest fuck about what your doing with your life.

Sometimes I get tired. I get tired that dudes who don’t want to marry dudes think that means that some other dude didn’t ought to be allowed to marry a dude he loves, if he happens to want to. I get tired that a dude can read a holy book and suppose that whatever epiphany he finds there is some king of inarguable TRUTH that ought to be imposed on everyone else even if they have a perfectly valid argument against it.

I spent my Sundays during my early years at Sunday School and I loved it. I loved Sunday school for lots of different reasons but mostly because I loved the stories and what those stories taught me. The stories I learned at Sunday school were not about God. They weren’t about Jesus either. They were about people. The stories I liked best? The stories about people who did the right thing even though nobody thought they would. I’ve had no interest in any holy book since I was a kid. But I still look out for the stories about people doing the right thing.

I may, or may not, have a relationship with some kind of God. By the same token you may, or may not, have a relationship with some kind of God. The relationships that you may have with whatever God, or no God, that you choose to is entirely up to you in the same way that my relationship (or otherwise) with my (or otherwise) God is entirely up to me.

I don’t care what you do, so long as you never say ‘because God’

Because God is an excuse, not an answer…..


One comment

  1. I cannot fathom the “God” people talk about.
    If there is a God, and He really hated homosexuals, he would have designed us differently, and made it impossible for us to be homosexuals. Look at womens orgasms, the majority of women only have external orgasms not internal, reliant on penis ones. “Temptation” is a BS excuse, if that were the case womens orgasms would be 50/50, not majority external.
    This is very basic logic.
    God supposedly created us in his image, when you have children, when you create children, you don’t want to harm them or see them hurt. I wouldn’t break my kids leg to test if she really loved me, that’s freaking awful. So, God did not create us in his image because we are different to Him. Again, basic logic.
    And when I see people praying to win races or Xfactor I think, wow, there’s starving people in the world, I bet He doesn’t give a shit whether you win a competition or not.

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