The story of WeeGee

I answer to a variety of names, not all of them entirely complimentary, but for the purposes of this blog you can call me WeeGee. I’m a person of the female persuasion who blogs about eating elephants. I think about Frank Turner obsessively, listen to Radio 6 Music excessively and am occasionally known to swear impressively.

I’ve experienced one or two mental health problems in my time, but in one way or another they’re all related. The psychiatrist says I have a personality disorder, but please don’t let that put you off because a) I’m nice with it and b) that’s just the kind of thing psychiatrists say.

If you want to know more and have time on your hands this here is the longish story but if time is of the essence the edited highlights tell you all you need to know.



    1. Hello lovely. Didn’t recognise you for a minute there 🙂

      All well here, just a bit quiet on the blogging front – my New Years resolution is to get back into the swing of blogging regularly!

      Hope you are doing okay? I miss you too xoxoxo

    1. Hey lovely – thanks for checking in. My laptop is broken and I’m too busy at work to do updates during the day 😦

      All is well although I am missing you guys xoxox

          1. it is, i guess family found her blog and there were problems. so to protect her kids she shut down. i’ll miss her terribly. i never met Sailor, but was she found by the wrong people too?

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